Division Champs and Playoffs!

To quote my good bloggy friend eyebleaf, “Playoffs!!!!!1”

You know, in January I was kind of thinking these boys would be lucky to sneak into 8th and play San Jose/Detroit and look at them now.  Division champs.  It wasn’t a pretty division clinching game, but it doesn’t matter.  The boys are playing all studly defensively and Lui is riding back to back shutouts into the playoffs.  PIMP.  The Blues should be a fun first round!  I liked how the guys were happy about the division, but weren’t dwelling on it.  They know there’s more important things to worry about.  Get ready for Wednesday!  It’s going to be a fun ride.




Mattias Bearlund is all ready for the playoffs

Canucks Practice Hockey

The playoff beard. Coming to a rink near you. RAWR.


This is what we’re lusting after for the (hopefully) next 2 months. 

Look at it. It’s so beautiful. I feel like pulling a Lord of the Rings “Myyy preciousssss”

Oh and here’s a litte montage that the Canucks put together to get you in the playoff mood.  I understand the use of  ” The Best Is Yet To Come” for this time of year, but it did make me giggle hearing Frank Sinatra croon away while Canucks were smashing other teams into the boards.  I love hockey. 


2 thoughts on “Division Champs and Playoffs!

  1. I would just like to be the first to go out on a limb and predict the winner of the Blues-Canucks will be the team with the blue trim on their uniforms.

  2. That’s the spirit, honey: PLAYOFFS!!!!!!1

    I can’t wait until 10 PM Wednesday night. Should be a doozy. I’m kind of worried about the Blues, and how hot they are going into the second-season, but this really should be no contest. Bobby Lou vs. Steve Mason? Come on.

    And you’re right, they really did come a long way in a few months. I remember when Mats came aboard and they struggled, and how everyone was calling for Vigneault to be fired. And now? Division champs, with home ice in the playoffs. That’s right.

    And Mattias Bearlund is a rudey. They gotta win the Cup for him, and Mats.

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