The Most Beautiful Day of the Year

It’s here!  Beautiful, mesmerizing, keeps you up at night through four OTs, throw your grandma down the stairs for tickets, playoff hockey!  I have a good feeling, Vancouver is jumping, let’s just get this started.  I don’t think I need to go into much more detail.  Cheer your asses off and enjoy the day.  I’ll leave you with two quick things.

The NYT hockey blog asked me to write a Canucks/Blues series preview.   Somehow I fooled the NYT into thinking I’m a classy dame, even after mentioning hot bitches and Lui’s pimp cane.  It must have helped that I wrote it in an evening dress and monocle.

This is all I need to get me pumped for the playoffs.  The NHL killed with this.  If this doesn’t at least give you goosebumps, you’re probably a robot. 


4 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Day of the Year

  1. The monocle probably detracted attention from the torn fishnets you were wearing under the evening gown.

    Oh, and this game is like the drunk jock boyfriend you have to get home and put to bed before he picks a fight with some guy he doesn’t know and starts punching doors. I think I’m in love.

  2. Since “Tom and Shorty” seemed to be the best I could find anywhere on the internet, can you tell me what Tom’s last name is, and Shorty’s real name is, and who is who?

  3. mcguffers, you just totally summed up this game perfectly. :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I was in love too. It was angry and all kinds of foxy.

    Zack, Tom and Shorty are SO rad! YAY! Shorty is John Shorthouse and I could listen to him call a game all day. Tom’s last name is Larsheid. Shorty is the play by play. Tommy is the colour guy. Tommy is like 70 and kind of crazy and just really wants the Canucks to win a cup before he retires. He’ll bust out some really funny phrases quite often.

    I dunno. I’ve always liked em. My second year as a Canucks fan I didn’t have a TV and that’s how I heard the games.

  4. I’m with CBC Radio in Vancouver, and must talk to you ASAP about your blog, and the work you’re doing for the NYT. Please call me right away! 604-662-6499, or e-mail me, or @ me on twitter (lederhouse)!


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