Canucks/Blues Take Two

Before I get into the game, just wanted to mention that I was on CBC Vancouver radio this morning for a brief interview about my blog and the Canucks.  It was really fun even though I think my nervousness made me sound like a bit of a ditz.  I want to say thanks to Craig Lederhouse and the rest of the morning show for inviting me on.  I can now cross it off my list.

Oooooh. Playoff hockey.  It’s so, so, beautiful.  Lui was a stone cold pimp.  Four shutouts in three games.  First ever playoffs shutout.  Yeah.  Blues are probably waking up in a cold sweat with Lui dancing around in his pads in their minds. 

The defence was also studly and deserve props for keeping a ton of Blues shots to the outside.

I thought the Sedins were excellent.  They weren’t shying away from anything.  Cookies for them.  Burr had a great goal to put the game away.  Mats daddy finally looks like he has his legs in this series.  His goal stood up as the winner because Lui told the Blues no goals for you. 

Raymond/Welly/Big Bear were divine again.  They had a lot of chances.  And Big Bear especially was throwing his big body around and making screens and forcing Blues to feel pain. 

Ryan Johnson is such a damn rockstar on the penalty kill.  But PLEASE Balls, fix your helmet!  It falls off way too frequently!  I want your head to stay safe. 

The rough stuff in this game was fun.  Oooooh the hits and elbows were flying and everyone had their angry faces on.  Bieksa was a naughty boy tripping Crombeen at the end of game but I admit I giggled.  A lot.  Even Andy Murray had a little temper tantrum at the end of the game.  I think AV was just all “Ferme le bouche petite garcon! Your equipe es sans le buts et mon equipe es plus manifique!”

I loved the crowd tonight.  They were SO loud!  Playoff hockey is just delightful.  I can’t wait for the games in St.Louis!


9 thoughts on “Canucks/Blues Take Two

  1. I’m afraid that I should stop reading this blog, you’re getting so famous, I’m gonna end up on the wrong side of the velvet rope! Congrats on all the recent awesomeness.

  2. First off – Congrats. I’m sure it was all just epic coolness. You were speaking of the Canucks after all. :) Chris Mason needs to seriously rethink his playoff beard situation… ick.

    It was a rough but hawt game. Can’t wait until tomorrow. I’ve got my own kitchen towel ready to wave around. Playoffs rock.

  3. I think AV was just all “Ferme le bouche petite garcon! Your equipe es sans le buts et mon equipe es plus manifique!”

    I can’t believe I missed that. This is my new favorite sentence. :) Congrats to you, you were already a blogging Queen, now you’re also a radio star. That’s impressive…
    And WOOOOOO to the canucks, 3-0, it’s looking good!

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