Canucks Sweep Round 1

I’m in love.  I’m in love with a team of scrappy, funny, talented, kick ass men.  This series was so fun.  Guys who didn’t have the best regular seasons stepped up huge and really surprised me.  Big Bear scored a huge goal and was a physical force.  Welly decided he would take a hit and keep on kicking.  He decided he liked having a big old shiner on his face.  His first goal tonight was gooooorgeous.  Ryan Johnson, or Balls as he has been nicknamed in the Canucks Fanzone liveblogs, was an absolute beast.  Blocking shots, winning a huge amount of faceoffs, and being so, so classy in his HNIC interview last night and giving a shoutout to Taylor Pyatt and his family.  Raymond.  Little Raymond who was all over the ice and taking shots and who pushed BJ Crombeen to the ground while the rest of the Canucks laughed from the bench.  Hansen has done a pretty damn good job stepping in when Mats Daddy got injured. 

Matty Ohlund had a hell of a game tonight.  He got more ice time with Sami Salo being out and boy did he deliver.  He was smashing guys into the boards, making delicious defensive plays, taking shots, and just being really studly.  I was cooing and doing the girlie thing. 

Bieksa was fantastic in this series.  I adored his angry, agitating game.  Bieksa’s at his most delightful when he’s angry on the ice.  He gets his GRRRRRR face on.  Edler had a hero moment tonight helping out Lui and stopping that sure goal.  A nice little birthday boy moment for little baby Edker.  Hee. The whole defence was pretty damn good.  St. Louis got frustrated a lot with the lack of offence they could get. 

Danny and Hank.  Ooooooh.  They were ammazing.  Can we finally put to rest this silly idea that they can’t produce in the playoffs?  I’ve never seen them look this good.  

Of course Burr would get the series clinching OT goal.  That’s just the kind of season he’s had.

Kes was a freakin force too.  He just runs that second line.  Even when Mats Daddy is out.  And his shot blocking on the PK?  Swooooon.

I wanted to if it were possible to marry the Canucks PK in this series.  It was BAD ASS.  The Blues weren’t even able to set anything up.  The odd time they did set something up, Lui was there being his damn stone cold pimp self.  He was outstanding.  St. Lou just loves this time of year.  He wants to go places.  I can’t wait. 

Mats Daddy now has time to rest his injury before the next series.  How adorable was that shot that CBC caught of Mats Daddy and Davison waiting for the Canucks in the tunnel in their suits and fist bumping them when they came off the ice?  Awwwww.  I think I might have swooned. 

I just…love this team.  There’s something here.  I love every last one of them.  They all are playing for each other and it’s fun to watch.  It’s going to be a long wait before the second round but now it’s time to go out and celebrate the Canucks first ever best of 7 sweep.  WOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I’m off to buy a broom.


8 thoughts on “Canucks Sweep Round 1

  1. Hey, I heard you on the CBC so I thought I would check out your blog after the big win.

    I share your support for Mattias Ohlund and I thought he played an amazing game and logged tons of ice time. Everytime he makes a huge play, I think “Resign that guy for next year!”

  2. I decided that after the last week of games that:
    1. I could just marry MAF’s skills and
    2. If that were the case, the Canucks would be my sexy, hawt mistresses. They are just coo-iest mothas on the ice.
    Watching these guys play is like eating jelly doughnuts… it’s a double bonus no matter what way you look at it. Luv it. Luv the Canucks. Love PLAYOFFS!!!!1
    I’m pretty sure I could have wrote something less OMG-ish… but why bother ;)

  3. mat, thanks so much for dropping by! I’m happy my radio voice didn’t scare people away. Hee. It’s always nice to hear of another Ohlund supporter. :)

    eyebleaf, those stats are delicious. And yeah. Everyone wants a piece of St.Lou. I swear he impregnated me through my TV last night. HAHA.

    CanadianWasTaken, I’m totally using coo-iest mothas in my day to day life now! And Canucks as jelly donuts? Heeheehee! Love it! Don’t worry, I love the OMG comments. :)

  4. Thought I would drop by and say how much I loved the Balls part of the blog! He is amazing and so under-rated. MG’s 2nd best pick up after Big Bear.

    Take care HG!

  5. Heh, I’m late, but félicitations aux Canucks pour leur balayage! I hope Mats gets better and starts being playoffs-Mats again soon.

    Now that my team is out, I’m hoping on the Canucks bandwagon (but if they have to play Chicago in the second round, I’ll be really torn…)

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