Sitting Here and Waiting

So, anyone getting the Canucks shakes yet?  I know I sure am.  It’s tough not seeing Matty Ohlund throw some dude into the boards or watch little Kyle Wellwood skate around with his shiner like a mini playoff goon every other day.  What’s a girl to do?  I’m just dying to know who the Canucks are going to rough up in round 2.  Wednesday can’t come soon enough.  Let’s go on a little media round up and you guys can experience how all over the place my attention is when the Canucks aren’t playing hockey. 

–  There’s been quite a bit of press for my very favourite Swede these past few days and I love it.  Even though Matty Ohlund probably hates it, he deserves it.  Tony Gallagher I usually totes disagree with, but I guess I need to give him a little break after he wrote this lovely article about my hockey boyfriend in the Vancouver Province.  I’ll just give you my most favourite parts.

But with Ohlund looking every bit in his prime since the playoffs started, it just wasn’t happening for St. Louis, the big Swede blasting pucks around the boards, blocking shots, slipping little backhand clearing passes up the middle and generally making life more bearable for Roberto Luongo, who normally would have been trying to catch bullets in his teeth in such a situation.

Damn straight.  Matty Ohlund just runs shit, and half the time you don’t even notice.  He’s like a Swedish ninja. 

“I’ve never felt we’ve done enough in playoffs here in Vancouver on the teams I’ve been on and that’s something we’d all like to change,” he said.

They appear to have set off in the right direction, and Ohlund is one of men leading the way.

Yeah, I know.  He’s badass.  I know how to pick my hockey boyfriends. 

Then there was this charming little video on where you get to watch the lovely playoff bearded defencemen talk about how much they love each other, and yeah, basically say that Matty Ohlund is their rad quiet leader.  See, I’m telling you.  Ninja. 

–  I really, really, want the Canucks to play the Flames in round 2.  The excitement and I hate you guys so freakin much energy would be off the charts.  Sadly, the stupid Flames looked absolutely terrible against the BabyHawks last night, and I don’t think it will happen.  Oh well.  I suppose the Canucks match up well against the Ducks, BabyHawks and the Wings as well.

–  It’s really great to see Taylor Pyatt back with the guys.  I thought his statement was so beautiful and sweet but so sad.  I can’t even imagine.  I’m sure the guys will help him out.  It will be interesting to see where he fits into the lineup again.  Big Bear, Welly, and Raymond were rockstars in the first round, so I don’t think you want to break them up.  I like Balls Johnson and Ripper together on the 4th line.  Maybe you take out Hordi.  He wasn’t bad by any means against the Blues, but Pyatt gives you a little more versatility.  He can PK and hold on to the puck a bit more.  We’ll see.  My thoughts are with Pyatt for sure.

–  Do you think the Canucks. Bruins, and Wings planned a sweep party together for being so bad ass?  They could play pin the tail on the Blues/Habs/Blue Jackets and play some cards to pass the time.  Heh.

–  Mats Daddy has been apparently just sniping it up in practice and making people ooooh and ahhh but then he’s also being coy about whether or not he’ll be ready for round 2.  Maybe he just wants to keep it on the down low, so then he can sneak in and be totally rad and surprise the hell out of everyone during the next series?  I hope so.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

–  This article about Burr in the Vancouver Province was quite lovely and reading the quotes about Luc had me tearing up a little. 

–  These guys are so totally rad and are encouraging fans to buy goats for third world countries for every Canucks win.  It’s fun and helpful and you can find out more about it on the website.  As soon as I’m employed, I’m going to buy one.  Goats are wicked and so are charitable Canucks fans. 

–  The Canucks FanZone has been entered into the super snazzy popvox awards in Vancouver.  Yeah, the FanZone is so extremely rad.  Mostly because of me.  Heh.  Kiddin.  But seriously darlings, if you have a moment can you vote here?  I’ll love ya long time.

–  Now, we’ll end with some visual pleasure. 

The trash talk of Burr and Kes still makes me giggle.  Oh and let’s just say, NSFW.


8 thoughts on “Sitting Here and Waiting

  1. Do you think the Canucks. Bruins, and Wings planned a sweep party together for being so bad ass? They could play pin the tail on the Blues/Habs/Blue Jackets and play some cards to pass the time. Heh.

    Lucic could donate his own tail to the festivities. :P

  2. I really, really, want the Canucks to play the Flames in round 2. The excitement and I hate you guys so freakin much energy would be off the charts.
    This would absolutely rock my world. I’m a fan of hockey then a Flames fan (sorry ;)) then a Canucks fan… I adore these two clubs. It would be a series to remember… too bad the Flames are dropping off like bugs on my neighbours zapper.

    The Canucks deserve a 2nd round team that can actually play them whole-heartedly and with all of their players. I think them and the weeHawks would be a great match up. Too bad we can just wave magic wands and makes the Flames all better and make them play the Canucks. I love it when my two favourite teams play each other… it’s such a rush.
    ~Praying for a miracle~

  3. omg not long now until we drop the puck vs hawks tomorrow nite – are you pumped or what?

    I just love your write-ups and your descriptions and pet names for our boys – they make me laugh! Yes, Ohlund is such a secret badass ninja. We had 2 Ohlund sightings between 2 colleagues at work last week – once eating sushi at lunch and another pumping gas into his sweet maserati…totally stealth.

    Hopefully this week of rest has done them good.

  4. HA! Oh mcguffers. Sorry. I gots the Lucic Lust.

    CanadianWasTaken, I’m so sorry about the Flames! But at least you still have the Canucks.

    eyebleaf, exactly. One more day. I think Mats Daddy is going to be huge in this round!

    Grrrreg, I like watching the Hawks. I think this is going to be a really, really good match up. Both of the teams skate well and hate each other :)

  5. Liv, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

    I’m so pumped. Bouncing off the walls.

    I am so damn jealous of your colleagues Matty Ohlund sightings. Yummmm. And dude drives a maserati? Droooool. Heh.

  6. hee hee you’re welcome Alix. I’ll keep you posted on any sweet sightings around my office with twitpic.

    I was soo happy about last night’s win and that my little #21 Mason Raymond made such a cute play for the 4-3 goal. Sweetness!

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