Canucks/Stars In Game Thoughts. Or, Hey Long Time No Blog.

If it’s another shootout tonight my head may just explode. Thomas Gradin was way before my time but hey I love Swedes! And he’s been a great European scout for the Canucks finding Alex Edler in a Swedish beer league and Jannik Hansen, one of the only Danes in the league.

Gradin’s tiny grandson came out for the ceremony in Swedish hockey gear. ADORABLE!

Period 1

Wow! A minute in Burr bumps his slump and scores on Lehtonen from way far out and my new fave Canuck Keith Ballard gets an assist. Owww owww! Danny Sedin gets the other assist. It’s slightly odd not to hear Hank’s name with the assist. Danny is now 4 points ahead of Hank. I wonder if this fact is causing brotherly tension.

– It was lovely and all that the Canucks scored the first goal on their first shot but they’ve had 0 shots since then. The Stars have 6.  That is sort of unacceptable, gentlemen.

– Awful, sloppy turnover by Hanky Panky and Brad Richards scores a beauty on Luongo. We’re not trying to open an apple turnover bakery here Hank! Tie game and I have a sad.

– Whooooo! Big goals and High Sticks(Kesler) scores on the PP! 2-1 Canucks. He’s now tied with Danny for the team league and has already surpassed his career high of 26 from last season.

– Canucks score AGAIN on a penalty to Burris! The Hoff makes it 3-1 on a very nice one timer. That’s three goals in 10 minutes and change! The delightfully sexy and efficient Canucks PP is back. Nice assists for Hank and Danny.

– Steve Ott puts on his douche canoe coat and elbows Hogwarts (Dan Hamhuis) in the face.

– Sportsnet shows a little kid in the crowd eating a snack with food all over his face. Awww.  Poor kid is going to be embarrassed at school tomorrow.

– The Stars get like a million scary shots on Luongo. Not quite sure how it’s still 3-1, probably because Alex Edler is awesome and blocked a bunch of shots.

– Dimples (Mason Raymond) ALMOST scores but is hooked by Trevor Daley. Back to the PP! Can it go 3 for 3? No, the PP does not go 3 for 3.  Tsk tsk, darlings.

– A lot of hits in this period. Guys on both teams will be beat up after this one.

Period 2

Baby Tanev was staring at a wide open net and almost scores his first NHL goal but the puck rolls away from him. Sad trombone.

– Barch and Volpatti talk together about world peace for a bit but decide not to come to fisticuffs about it.

Samulesson FINALLY scores for the first time in 15 games. Whoooo! It’s 4-1 for the Canucks .  Dimples and Big goals and high sticks with the assists.

– Edler is just absolutely crushing some Stars with big hits tonight. He learned from his Swedish mentor Matty Ohlund to do that I’m sure.

– That didn’t look like interference to me by Bellini (Tambellini) but ahh well. The Canucks are up by 3 goals. The Stars don’t do much on their PP.

– Just as I was thinking what ON EARTH is Volpatti doing on a line with Hank Sedin he makes a gorgeous pass and Hank scores. Haha! I guess THAT’S why. Torres was the other dude on that weird hodge podge line. Delightful! 5-1 Canucks

– Alex Burrows gets called for a penalty I didn’t quite catch. 2 minutes for being Alex Burrows I guess.  Dimples almosttt scores a shorthanded goal and then gets belted to the ice by Morrow for his troubles. Canucks go on the PP.  And then Bieksa takes a penalty for interference and it’s 4 on 4 time. He has QUITE a shiner from being punched the other night in Calgary. Why is it that black eyes on hockey players enchant me so? I probably should see someone about that.

– Morrow decides he misses the cozy confines of the naughty box and takes another penalty for interference. The Canucks had some nice passing on the PP but no real dangerous shots on Lehtonen.

– Hogwarts takes a tripping penalty to end the 2nd. This is turning into a real special teams battle royale.

Period 3

– The Canucks start the 3rd period killing the rest of Hogwarts’ penalty. Kesler and Burrows tick away some time by trying a shorthanded rush.

– Canucks get called for a 2 many men penalty but it was the wrong call. Hank hadn’t left the boards yet. And the refs actually take it back. Cool.

– A beauty of a save by Luongo on Ericsson!

– This game is getting a little sassy and Hogwarts and Riberio have a scuffle. What an unexpected scuffle pairing.

– Whoooo! Dimples FINALLY scores! He has had SUCH bad luck lately. 6-1 and Edler has another lovely assist. He has been EVERYWHERE tonight. They may change the goal to Edler actually.

– A giant scrum in the corner after Barch lays a late hit on the Hoff. Burr gets involved with Burish. Burish looks like he wants to eat children in that scrum. Scary eyes. Spooky. The Stars get the extra penalty out of that. Burish and Burrows both get misconducts.

– Hogwarts scores on the PP. 7-1! Dallas makes a goalie change and Raycroft is in with 6 minutes left. Luongo’s poem from TSN comes to mind. Andrew Raycroft: apple pie.

– Baby Tanev has his first NHL point. YAY!

– No shootout no shootout no shootout!!! The Canucks are up to 30 wins on the season and 7 goals from 7 different goal scorers. That’s balanced scoring, baby. The Stars are slump busters apparently. Also a huge game from the defence. It was nice to finally blog again too.



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