Canuckistanian Odds and Ends

– The Canucks/Stars game last night was quite delightful. Ryan Kesler is now third in the NHL in goals with 28. THIRD. The two guys ahead of him: Crosby and Stamkos. That’s just downright STUDLY. The Canucks secondary scoring really kicked in as well and Schneids had a really strong game. I think this picture sums things up nicely

– Chris Tanev and Lee Sweatt and really filled in nicely for Aaron Rome/Andrew Alberts/Alex Edler. Tanev’s first pass makes my knees buckle and Sweatt moves the puck so well. I like em! Let’s keep em. I also thought Cody Hodgson played really well in his debut. He played strong defensively and went to the net to get beat up a little. Perhaps the bandwagon masses will chill a little now and realize this guy isn’t all bad. Not everyone is Crosby or Ovechkin.

– Danny Sedin absolutely ROCKED the accuracy shooting at the all star game going 8/9. I could watch him hit those silly McDonald’s targets ALL.DAY.LONG.

– The Canucks are doing a sibling trip! How utterly adorable. They’ve done a dad’s trip, a mum’s trip, and now a sibling trip. I wonder what’s next? A pet trip?! That would be fantastic. Jeff Vinnick Canucks photographer, cheer-er of the masses, and provider of the pretty has pictures of the Canucks and their genetic matches.  After the jump!

Group Shot

Tanner Glass and his bro

Alex Burrows avec sa soeur

Andrew Alberts and his bro and Cory Schneider and his bro

Ryan Kesler and his bro

The sisters

Steve Tambellini and his bro

Kevin Bieksa and his bro. Looks like the Bieksa intense stare is a genetic thing.

Manny Maholtra and his bro

The Hoff and his sister

Dan Hamhuis and his sister

Cute little buttons!

Cory Schneider and his bro


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