My dearest Canucks,

We’ve been through many years of highs and lows together. This year has mostly been highs and I’ve been bragging to my friends and family about you. I talk at length about how you keep winning games and how happy it makes me. How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love opening up my lappytop and pulling up and seeing your name at the top of the league.

I love your sparkling +57 goal differential.

I love that you penalty kill like wonderful defensive machines.

I love that Danny is so competitive it looks like he’s trying to go for HIS Art Ross this season.

I love Ryan Kesler’s wrist shot and his 32 goals.

I love Hanky Panky’s witty one liners and that his jersey got my family through customs when we were over our alcohol limit (Shhhh)

I love Hansen interviews with his Minnie Mouse like speaking voice and Samuelsson interviews as well because he sounds like a muppet.

I love that Bieksa’s gone from trade bait to +25.

I love that Roberto Luongo writes poetry and he hasn’t lost in regulation since the first week in December.

I love that Sami Salo is back from yet another catastrophic injury cheerful and calm as always.

I love the bebeh rookies and the old timers.

I love your hip checks, your faceoff wins, your shot blocking, your saves, and your cross ice passes.  I love your top shelf goals and your first passes out of the zone. I love your goal mouth scrambles and your fist bumps on the bench when a guy scores.

I’m yours for the long haul whether you smash my heart like a body check or melt it like your highly efficient power play.  Be mine and win me a big shiny Cup. I would celebrate in style. I could get a gold medal in celebrating.

xoxo Alix


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