Playoffs Clinched

There were a lot of happy feelings about officially clinching a playoff spot last night. Not that there was much doubt but it’s nice to have it locked up you know? People can relax and start preparing their playoffs survival kits and everything. But then there was news that Manny was taken to the hospital to have his eye injury looked at which sort of puts a major damper on taking the NW division and a playoff spot. After surgery last night there’s still a danger his vision is affected. I hope he makes a full recovery and feels better soon.

In the meantime, I shudder to think of this team without Manny in the playoffs. Sure, it’s not quite like losing a Sedin, but he makes our PK and third line all shiny and special and kick assy. Not to mention the defensive pressure he takes off Ryan Kesler. I’m all for freedom of choice when it comes to players in the NHL but it’s hard to believe visors haven’t been declared mandatory. It seems like the smart choice to me.


One thought on “Playoffs Clinched

  1. Terrible news re: Manny. Definitely puts a bit of a damper on the clinchage. Malhotra’s one of my favourites, mostly because he’s repping my people, and I love that he’s made a name for himself in the game as one of the best defensive centres in the game. I still can’t believe the Leafs chose Colby Armstrong over Malhotra on July 1st. Anyway, here’s hoping he’s ready for the postseason. And, yes, visors for all. When is enough enough?

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