Dreamy Stats

– With 8 games left the Canucks have 105 points, tying a franchise best.

– Danny Sedin has 40 goals. It’s not out of the question that he gets to 50 by the end of the season.

– Hanky Sedin is now 2nd in the league in scoring. Let’s just write that out again because it’s totally dreamy: Danny Sedin is 1st in NHL scoring with 95 points. Hanky Sedin is 2nd in scoring with 88. It gives me chills, I tell ya. We need to get some Sedin DNA to start the Sedin Cloning Corporation. “Bringing charitable hockey playing savants and beautiful manes of ginger hair into to future for the good of the planet”

– Danny Sedin is poised to win the Art Ross and potentially the Hart trophy. Just like his older brother (by 6 minutes) did last year. WOWZA. Twins, man, ya have to love em.

-The Canucks have 48 wins and 6 straight wins on the road. They won their first game without the wonderful Manny against the Coyotes and then the second against the Wings (Who had their top 4 scorers out or something close to that) But, STILL. That’s a whoo! Bring on the playoffs. And better grab the defibrillators.

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