– Sure, you could say the president’s trophy is meaningless.  It gives you home ice advantage but doesn’t mean much else for the playoffs. Washington won it last year and bowed out in the first round. The Canucks could still crash and burn against Chicago for the third year in a row that culminates with Patrick Kane drunkenly peeing in Luongo’s goal crease. But you know, president’s trophy winners win the Cup 30% of the time! Hockey fans are conditioned to be cynical, especially Canucks fans. but if you can’t celebrate after a regular season like this what’s the point of being of a hockey fan? My heart is open and has lost its negative Canucks coloured cage! For a few days anyways…you can’t quit that constant feeling of impending doom cold turkey.

– Danny hit the 100 point mark last night and had chants of MVP from the crowd. So wonderful! He’s going to need a bigger trophy case.

– The Kings didn’t get a shot in the 3rd period last night. Nada, zippo, zilch. Nashville had 2 shots in the final 20 minutes of the previous game. That’s a really, really promising sign for the playoffs!!!1

– Via Wysh from Puck Daddy, the Canucks are the only team since the expansion era (1967/68) to finish first in goals for, goals against, power play, and penalty kill in a season. Mama mia!

– It’s now time for my yearly tradition of Canucks coloured playoff fingernails. Huzzah!



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