Final Thoughts On Flasher Girl

So unless you’ve been living in a cave you saw that this happened on Wednesday night during the Canucks/Sharks game:

Since the several second boob flash there’s been the “YAY BREASTS” chatter from boob appreciators which is expected and also chatter from female hockey fans that the flasher is putting us female fans back which I find annoying and tiresome.

Why is there a need to demand that all of us women watch hockey and enjoy it in the exact same way? Is it some misguided urge for the male hockey fans to accept us into their old boy’s club? You know what? That’s lame. I started out blogging in a much more serious and dry way that I quickly scrapped because it wasn’t me. It was boring and awful and I sure as hell didn’t want to read it and no one else would have either. Now I give the Canucks ridiculous nick names and write about defensive plays that make me swoon and liberally call people hot bitches and I love every minute of it. Dudes have told me on Puck Daddy to get back to making sammiches and that I’m trolling for dates. Why should I change for those sexist wankers? I know those guys don’t speak for every male hockey fan and in turn one of us shouldn’t speak for all female hockey fans either.

Just because you wouldn’t lift your jersey and flash your goods in a moment of playoff celebration doesn’t mean it’s wrong for Flasher Girl to do so. And she hasn’t set female hockey fans back because you disagree with it. Female hockey fans are a growing demographic for the NHL and we should be excited to encourage them to get loud and add their voice to the crowd. Not get angry and express disdain that they don’t act in a way we find “respectable”. Quite frankly, I get enough of that from society in general already. It’s hockey after all. It’s supposed to be fun. They’re only breasts, darlings.


One thought on “Final Thoughts On Flasher Girl

  1. Agreed! I think it was hilarious. And I think, given how much her seats down there cost, she should feel free to express her fanship in any way she desires. Also, hey–it’s *really* hard to compete with the Green Men. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. The potential for this post-season is just too exciting to sit idly in row A, fully clothed.

    And it really does come down to the context in which she flashed herself–I’d be annoyed if it was just a situation where she streaked in front of a TV camera outside Rogers squealing “woooo!” That seems lame and gratuitous. Flashing the penalty box all by herself was inspiring.

    I’m not sure yet what I’m inspired to do, but count me in for whatever it is.

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