Hard Work

You can’t beat hard work. That’s what immediately popped into my head after I got over the shock of Alex Burrows winning the game 11 seconds into OT. He’s turning into a super villain in Boston which is probably totally deserved and endlessly amusing but no matter your feelings about Burrows you can’t deny he’s worked his derriere off to get here. Undrafted, toiling away in the ECHL, scraping by, and finally signed to an NHL team. Eventually he’s set with two Swedish twins and scores three points in a Stanley Cup Final. Honestly, it should be a lifetime movie. But only Canucks fans would line up to see it. Despicable Burrows.

Manny Malhotra also put in some damn hard work inching his way back from an eye injury. It’s pretty amazing and unbelievable he played tonight. Listening to the Manny chants through the TV gave me goosebumps. I can’t even imagine what it was like in the arena. He almost scored once and seemed to win almost every faceoff he was out for. What a lovely night for him and his family. Another wonderful story. What a time to be a fan.  This makes all those crushing low points of being a fan more than worth it. And there’s still two more wins to go.


2 thoughts on “Hard Work

  1. Malhotra’s story this year is amazing. You know his family had to be all teary-eyed hearing those chants. It takes a lot of passion to come back from a big injury like that.

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