Off Day Thoughts

– Third periods have been quite incredible for the Canucks this post season. I’m not sure if it’s a mental thing (the Boston Globe has an interesting article about the Canucks and a sports psychologist) or more a physical endurance thing but whatever it is, it’s striking. They consistently outplay their opponents in the final frame and are usually rewarded with a win. They’re like a well tuned team of racehorses that find an extra stride to close it out in the home stretch. Get that carrot boys!

– Way back when the Canucks still had 16 wins to get, I said out loud to the universe that I would get a Canucks tattoo if they win it all. I never thought we would be two wins away. Now I’m kicking myself a little. But it would be pretty fun and memorable to have a forever memory of this playoff run. Especially when I’m an old woman trying to relive my Canucks memories. Now though, what do I get? A logo? A hockey stick with the year on it? Best not think about it too hard just yet in case I am cursed by the hockey gods.

– One my very favourite things about hockey is the community that it grows. When the Canucks win I have family from Saskatchewan calling me and friends that aren’t even hockey fans texting me congratulation messages. If you can breathe long enough to tweet during the game, twitter is another fun way to experience games. And of course there is the giant rocking street party on Granville after wins.

– Yahoo sports has a great article about Ron Shute who has been the Canucks stick boy for FIFTY years. It’s easy to imagine what a Stanley Cup would be like for the players that you watch all year long but there’s also a number of people behind the scenes that would love a Cup just as much.

– Cory Schneider is writing a blog for and it is clever and funny and lovely. I hope Cory’s new team adores him as much as we do when he is traded.

– If the Canucks do win the Cup and there’s a DVD of their run put out, I hope there’s an uncensored version. I would love to get every bit of salty trash talk that was uttered between the benches, every funny chirp on the ice, and every exuberant goal celebration. I’ve longed for the NHL to put out uncensored games for years but I can see why they don’t want to.

– I wonder how much the Canucks ’94 team is hoping and praying and giving out good vibes that this version of the Canucks win their last two games. They must be sick to death of constantly being asked about their close but no cigar loss. It’s time for the Canucks to write some new history.

– This picture is hilarious. You can blast Luongo’s mask off his face with a puck but you can’t keep him down.

And this one


– 5 days done in the blogging challenge and I feel great!


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