Keys To Game 4

– Go back to playing WHISTLE TO WHISTLE. For a team that prided themselves on doing that the entire regular season the Canucks really got away from that in game three with scrum after scrum. Cut the crap, cut the finger pointing, just play some damn hockey.

– Make life much harder for Tim Thomas. He’s really good but he can be beaten. Quality shots, shots, shots.

– For the love of Swedish hockey Jesus, figure out THE DAMN SPECIAL TEAMS. The power play didn’t just fail to score on Monday night, it gave up two shorthanded goals. Frightful. Simplify that shit and score some garbage goals. They don’t have to be beautiful.

– Remember what some defensive structure looks like. Limit the turnovers, quit the odd man rushes, give Luongo a good chance to make some saves. Let’s hope Ehrhoff and Edler don’t go and lose their brains two games in a row.

– Stay physical. Don’t let Rome/Horton scare you away from making some big legal body checks.

– Someone other than a visually impaired Manny Malhotra needs to win a faceoff.

– It’s going to be tough with the soft ice in a hot building but skate with speed. The Canucks are faster than the Bruins. Make sure people remember that.

The Canucks are still up in this series. They just need to remember to go out and play for each other and play smart. If they do that they can go home feeling good with just one more win to check off.


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