Game 4

The last game is a little hard to summarize, really. It wasn’t all bad. The Canucks did  a lot of things well and had some positive stats to prove it. Lots of shots on net, a bunch of blocked shots, numerous faceoff wins, and so on. But, the score was still 4 zip for the other side. They had a good first period again like they did in game three and then the second period was a nightmare again just like in game three.

The power play is still a disaster and is letting them down in the worst way. They had a chance to grab a hold of this game in the first period on the power play and didn’t do it. They couldn’t even force Tim Thomas to make a difficult save.  Speaking of Tim Thomas, yes he was good again last night, yes the Canucks peppered him with a lot of shots, but when the majority of them are shot right into his chest of course he’s going to look good. The guys in blue and green definitely need to capitalize on their scoring chances in game 5 or they’re letting this series slip away.

Luongo didn’t have his best game tonight. Two of the goals last night he probably normally would have had. But the defence is a wet hot mess. Bieksa appears to be missing Pork Chop his bromance defensive partner. Ehrhoff must still be injured from that McGinn hit against the Sharks. I really can’t explain Alex Edler but he should look into getting a new brand of stick. Then there was Bally my poor fave d man. He had a really rough game. But honestly it’s hard to blame him. He’s been mistrusted all year, shown time and time again that the coaches prefer almost any other option, and then thrown out with a new defensive partner he hasn’t played with all season. While in the Stanley Cup Final. Yeesh. No wonder he was nervous and mistake prone.

I don’t think this series is lost. The Canucks were shocked and embarrassed by Chicago in round 1 and we all know how that turned out. The ice was bad in Boston. That’s not meant as a real excuse because Boston played on the same ice and did just fine. But it is a fact that Boston’s style of play can adapt better to bad ice. Being back in Vancouver should make a difference with the home cooking and all. A lot of our main guys are looking injured and exhausted but they just have to try and find a way to push through. It would be heartbreaking for them to see their dream die now when they’ve come so close. Simplify, cut out the second period meltdowns, make some defensive adjustments, and get a few bounces. Nobody said this was going to be easy but they can get it done.


Why on earth does Mike Milbury still have a job? He called Hank and Danny Thelma and Louise on a national NBC broadcast. I’ve written before about gender insults in hockey here  and I guess it’s shame on me for continuing to believe that hockey can cut the sexist crap. Even so, shame on CBC and NBC for employing him. He was a mediocre player and a terrible GM and I’m sure my golden retriever could offer more interesting hockey analysis. Not sure what more Hank and Danny need to do to get some damn respect. I did love Cory Schneider’s response in the Province:

“Who cares what he thinks, if he’d been their general manager he would have traded them in their first year anyway like he did with everyone else. “One guy is a Hart trophy winner and the other is up for it this year and we have complete faith and confidence in these guys. Who cares what he thinks?”


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