Pre-Game Chatter

After the game four loss, a reporter asked Luongo if he had seen the Rogers Arena crowd cheer when he was pulled and Cory Schneider replaced him(Rogers Arena was playing the away games on the big screen). Luongo said no comment but you could see in his face that he was sad and hurt. The question was snarky and mean and didn’t offer much insight into his actual game that night. I know athletes are paid to have a tough skin and it’s probably me being too sensitive but I’m glad I didn’t make it my career to ask questions like that.

Luongo has never been at the top of my favourite Canuck list but I’ve become an overprotective mother hen with him in the last two months. I just want to clutch him to my bosom every time someone insults him. Sure he could have made a save or two more recently but the defence playing like this is the first time they’ve put on skates is certainly not Luongo’s mess.

I’ve given myself a self imposed twitter ban until the finals are over and done with. It’s become such an angry endless loop of Canucks fans whining about the Bruins fans and Bruins fans whining about the Canucks fans. Then there’s the lame bite jokes and army of obnoxious fans whose teams didn’t even make the playoffs chiming in about how awful the Canucks are and how anyone supporting them has the good taste of a filthy weasel. Ahhh the internet: not a prime example of pleasantry and good cheer in the best of times. People can say whatever they want to but I can also choose to not read it. It’s a shame. I assumed a long playoff run would be more fun. There are moments I’ll never forget but everything has also been so mean spirited. Just going back to simply watching the games and avoiding commentary has certainly helped.

I hope the game is reffed differently tonight. That’s not to say I thought it was called in wide favour for the Bruins but “letting everything” go like the constant slashes and spears and cross checks favours the Bruins over the Canucks.

If the Canucks score a power play goal early in the game I think they’ll get their swagger back and start playing the game that got them here again. They’ve got duped into playing Bruins hockey and they’ve been terrible at it. Time to go back to playing Canucks hockey. AV needs to show right now he deserved that Jack Adams nom. If they do that they got this sucker locked up.

I hope the crowd at Rogers Arena blows the roof off the place. They have a reputation of being too quiet. I don’t know if it’s the laid back west coast vibe or the expensive ticket prices meaning only corporate suits can afford to go but either way they need to be bloody loud. Give our team a boost in one of the most important games in franchise history.


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