Links and Notes

– A cool article from India about Manny Malhotra being a role model. Everyone has Manny fever!

– Interesting  post from Copper and Blue about the Canucks having one of the worst goal differentials for a potential Cup winner in quite some time. I do think it looks worse because of the 4 game shellacking they took against Chicago and Boston. It’s also clear that the Canucks had tougher road to the Cup than Boston. Chicago, Nashville, San Jose: filled with Norris candidates and Vezina nominees. That’s not to discount Boston’s very strong play in the Final.

– It’s a little funny that everyone already writing Tim Thomas’s name on the Conn Smythe trophy seem to have forgotten how he got lit the hell up against Tampa. It is a trophy for all four rounds after all. Luongo has one more shutout. But he takes all the blame for the Chicago and Boston blow outs of course. It’s cool though Thomas can have it if we can have the Cup. His stats definitely sparkle. Still, that would be great if Loungo got a shutout tomorrow night. Jury’s out if that would get him any respect. Eye roll.

– It’s clear after this media circus why athletes stick to 110% cliches like they’re a lifeboat. It’s a bloodbath out there.

– It’s surreal I could potentially see my team raise the Cup tomorrow night. No one let me know if I got sucked into an alternate universe, please and thank you.


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