Game 6

I’m getting mighty tired of supporting the NHL. Rome gets the four game suspension for a reckless, late hit without the puck that caused serious injury. At the time I thought perhaps it was a little excessive for a Stanley Cup final but hey great if they stick with that precedent so be it. Raymond takes a late, reckless hit into the boards while in a vulnerable position that causes a SERIOUS injury and the NHL doesn’t even have the decency to review the tape. That’s garbage. Utter and total garbage. Poor Mason Raymond is out for three to four months of pain. Let’s not forget the lovely cherry on the sundae of hearing Bruins fans yell FLOPPER! DIVER! and BULLSHIT! at you while you try and fail to get off the ice under your own power. But that’s just a hockey play, right? What a wonderful night to be an NHL fan.

The reffing was absolutely bizarre last night. Raymond just lost an edge, Hank got an unsportsmanlike call for being cross checked by Chara, and Danny Sedin, Danny Sedin your ART ROSS winner can be used as a punching bag by that rookie pest Marchand just because Marchand “felt like it” . Unbelievable.

The Canucks didn’t lose because of reffing they lost because Luongo had an awful first period but still what an embarrassing display.

Other than that four minute meltdown the Canucks played pretty well. They controlled the tempo of the game for long stretches and hit several posts and missed a few open nets. It’s such a cliche but they just didn’t get the bounces. If those go in on Wednesday well, WOW. Bob’s your uncle.

It’s gut check time. The side show circus in this series has been exhausting, the injuries are piling up, even the guys that can still skate are all injured I’m sure, but we must still believe. The Canucks have a game seven on home ice where they’ve been money all playoffs. We must remember why we love this team and why we’ve lived and died with them all year. Luongo will have his seawall walk and all will be well. The Canucks need to have the game of their lives and leave everything on the ice. If they do that win or lose they can hold their heads high. But boy would it be nice to take it all the way and have Vancouver explode in celebration.

Dear baby hockey Jesus, please let me survive game 7. One last time, GO CANUCKS GO.


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