This Is It

Not much more to say, really. This is the moment you dared to dream about way back in September but never really expected to actually happen. The statistics at home are in our favour. It’s time to enjoy watching them have their game of their lives and hope for the best. I hope my unbelievable nerves don’t leave me passed out before the game is done.

Thank you Canucks for the most wonderful regular season I’ve ever watched. I’ve talked about moments where I didn’t enjoy the Finals but either way memories will be with me forever. The bad ones don’t matter now, only the good ones. Win it for Mason Raymond, win it for Luc Bourdon. Win it for all the fans. Win it for each other because you deserve it. Forget all the crap thrown at you from this media construct that you’re the WWF super villains in the playoffs. Forget the sexist taunts thrown at you and the injuries and the suspensions and non suspensions. You’re not Canada’s team and who bloody cares. You’re the best damn team in the league. Now show them what you got.

If this video doesn’t pump you up you must be a vampire or a zombie.

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