And My Heart Grew Three Sizes Today

Danny Sedin when asked in Las Vegas about his NHL award nominations from the Vancouver Sun:

“In fact, Sedin said Tuesday that as proud as he would be to follow in the footsteps of twin brother Henrik and win the Hart Trophy at Wednesday’s NHL Awards, he would be more honoured if he and Henrik happen to win the NHL Foundation Player Award.”

“Obviously, the Foundation Award is bigger for us,” Daniel said. “The Hart Trophy (nomination) is an incredible honour and it’s fun to be here for that. But for us, we have always been taught that once you get to Vancouver there’s a lot of community work. That’s something you get used to when you play in Vancouver. That’s a big part of being a hockey player there. It’s very nice.”

So, this. This is so amazing.

If only the rioters had thought for a moment “I should be more like the Sedins” a lot of awful things might not have happened. I will defend Hank and Danny Sedin until the day I die. I’ll use my bare hands if I have to.


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