Canucks Launch Mind Check

Today, the Canucks announced the launch of their mental health initiative through the Canucks For Kids Fund in partnership with the BC Children’s Hospital, Fraser Health, and Provincial Health Services. Mind Check is a website designed to get people talking about mental illness as well as helping young people and their families that are dealing with mental health issues. The Canucks published a press release with more details about the website.

Kevin Bieksa gives a heartfelt pledge that is important to hear. You can buy the t-shirt he’s wearing through the Canucks stores with proceeds going to the Canucks For Kids Fund.

Mind Check also honours Rick Rypien’s memory. He fought so hard through his own depression and wanted to help others by telling his story. Sadly, he never got the chance but this is a wonderful legacy that will help others and the Canucks will be able to tell Rick’s story through the website. As one of the biggest fans of Rick Rypien around and as someone with loved ones that battle metal illness this is something near and dear to my heart. Often you’re told that being a Canucks fan must be hard. No Cups to cheer about and horrific playoff disappointment. But you know what? I couldn’t be prouder being a Canucks fan because of the incredible work they do day in and day out in the community. Haters to the left!


7 thoughts on “Canucks Launch Mind Check

  1. Love this! And you’re so right. I love the team and I’ve loved them for decades, but the individuals that make up the team and the things they do off the ice as a team and alone, I love that all so much. they make me proud no matter what.

  2. What stark contrast to the Bruins heh? I never understood some of the talking heads who suggested that the Canucks weren’t a team but a collection of individual players. I think Tim Thomas demonstrated his selfishness and as Haggerty pointed out in his post, Thomas was the one playing for himself. As opposed to the leaders of the Canucks, the Sedins, who deservedly received the JCC award last night, just as Thomas was posting his Tea Party rhetoric on his wall. And Bieksa who is carrying on the legacy of Rick Rypien by actually trying to help those who aren’t able to help themselves. Sorry this is getting rant-ish, but after peeking into Thomas’s world, I say not thanks. I’d rather support the Canucks who are led by charitable, giving, unselfish and kind individuals in the Sedins with no Stanley Cup, than put my support behind Tim Thomas with a cup.

    • Haggarty is a worldclass self promoter, him calling anyone selfish…

      That said nothing involving the curret head of state in a government building much less THE gov building can be truly apolitical. You don’t have to agree or disagre with what Tim did, but it was his right. Given how well he played its very unlikely the Bruins would have won without him so anyonee who chose to go can thank TT for getting them there.

      • Hmm…good point on Haggerty. I didn’t say that the event was apolitical, but Thomas made it way more political than it needed to be.
        It’s definitely his right and it’s also my right to comment on it if I choose to..

        Anyways, It was my fault that I brought the Bruins into this( sorry Alixis). But I’m going to focus on the positive, and that’s increased awareness and the ( hopefully) destigmatization of mental illness ( especially in youth).

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