Canucks/Wings In Luxury

On Thursday night I was incredibly lucky to be invited to watch the Canucks/Wings game in a luxury suite! I can watch a game anywhere. I can swear and yell with the best of them in the cheap seats. (Although really can any seat be called cheap in Vancouver?) I’m perfectly happy watching the game at home with a glass of wine and my sweat pants. But, wow! I have to tell you watching a game in a suite might just be my FAVOURITE way to watch a game. There’s free booze! And sushi! And hot fries! And near the end of the game someone delivers you ice cream! Right. To. Your. Seat. Keith Ballard backward skated right in front of me during warm-ups while I sipped on ice-cold white wine. I know, right?

Even though the Canucks lost it was an exciting game once the hometown heroes had more than one shot on goal! I had such a blast and I’m so thankful I got to watch the game thanks to some of my dad’s lovely business buddies Brian and David Fehr. They were so gracious and friendly to me and do they know how to have a good time! It’s always nice to cross something off your bucket list and have a great time doing so.


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