Have A Playoffs Canucks Fling: Alexander Edler

So, perhaps your team is finished their regular season. They’ve packed up their lockers and left a painful ache in your heart. You may want to put them out of your mind and think about something else entirely. Maybe you’re going to take up needlepoint for the summer. That is completely understandable. But if you still find you want to embrace playoff hockey may I suggest a harmless bandwagon fling with a member of the Vancouver Canucks? Sure, your fling will probably end with a car being lit on fire but it will be glorious while it lasts!

Alexander Edler is a fine candidate for your bandwagon playoffs boyfren OR engaging man crush. Men want to be Alex Edler. Ladies want to see him try on suits. He covers all your various requirements. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Edler scored 49 points on the Vancouver blue line this season with 11 goals 38 assists. He also has some slick defensive moves and likes to crush opponents into the boards in a totally bad ass yet clean way. Edler has a sneaky good slap shot that has impressive strength and speed. He’s a monster on the ice but a shy Swedish baby bird off the ice. Speaking of baby birds, his hair and playoff beard are fluffy like a baby chick’s feathery fuzz.

If you’re someone who adores teammate bromances Alex Edler’s bromance with Hank Sedin is one of legend and delight. Look for Hank Sedin to jokingly beat up Edler in warmups before playoff games.

If there were a movie on Alex Edler’s life, Alexander Skarsgard would play Alex Edler.








Uncanny, no?

If you look up “How To Wear A Suit” on google I’m pretty sure a hundred pictures of Alex Edler come up.

Look at this fancy man.

Also charming with a small child:

I really do think Alex Edler would be a perfect playoff fling. Talented at hockey, looks good in a suit, good with children, looks like Swedish film and television star. What’s not to love?


One thought on “Have A Playoffs Canucks Fling: Alexander Edler

  1. <3 <3 <3
    but you already knew that. And yes, he looks like Skarsgaard. In fact, he looks BETTER than him.
    My #23 jersey is all spiffy and ready to go for a long, deep run in the playoffs.
    btw, his birthday is coming up ;)

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