On The Brink

I don’t particularly know what to write about this team right now. They’re perplexing and unlucky and maybe too tired after such a short off-season. Oh it’s not over yet, of course, but the fat lady is starting her song that’s for sure. This team is filled with wonderful men and they have had enough sadness in the last year with a Cup final and memorializing a fallen teammate. My heart wants happiness for them but my head says this isn’t the year.

I have more detailed thoughts and opinions on this team but they can wait. Now doesn’t seem quite right. They deserve my patience for a little while longer.

I will talk about the weak link human being that was wearing a t-shirt insulting everyone with a brain behind the bench at the game yesterday. If you haven’t seen it yet:

Sedin Sisters 2 Girls No Cup

First, my lovely friend @theactivestick has a fantastic post about this topic that is definitely worth a read.

I mean, wow. You spend a bunch of money on a playoff ticket to see your team play and you wear a t-shirt in BRUINS colours that insults the other team’s superstar players instead of cheering on your own team. I’m all for clever trash talk but that’s just embarrassing. You look like a moron.

And it’s sexist. It’s garbage. It’s pretty sad that I have to blog about this all the time. Please, hockey fans, let us dig a little deeper and find some more intelligent humour. It’s not really the point but I would love this guy to have to stand face to face with Henrik and Daniel Sedin with no glass between them wearing this shirt. See how tough and “funny” he is then.

That’s all the words I’ll spend on this doofus. But I would like to propose some “Pro” twin t-shirt slogans that people could look into wearing instead.

2 Brothers 1 Million+ Dollar Hospital Donation

2 Brothers 2 Art Ross Trophy Scoring Titles

2 Brothers 2 MVP NHL Trophies

2 Twins Teaching You How To Be A Real Man


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