The Humming Giraffe is 5 Years Old

My blog is in kindergarten, yo. I know I’ve been a sporadic blogger the last year and a half, but I do plan to change that this year if the season ever gets off the ground. I was pretty convinced when I started I would write about a week’s worth of posts. Five years is rather wonderfully surprising.

Hockey blogging is one of the best things I’ve done. It’s given me a love for sports that I never had growing up. Thanks to blogging, I have an obsessive passion for writing I never expected. My nicest dreams involve being a comfortably paid published writer. And through this little website I have met some of the greatest people in my life.

Thank you to anyone who has left a comment here over the years, mentioned in passing that you loved reading my blog, re-tweeted a post on twitter, or told me I made you laugh. All these moments have meant a lot and have bucked me up if I’m not at my sparkling best. Y’all are the best. Here’s to five more years!




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