Swedes and Bears and Twitter Jokes Oh My

bearsedinThis is just the most adorable picture on the planet. Thank you, cameras, for giving me this great gift. 


So this happened tweet exchange happened today and it was delightfully saucy and hilarious. Inspired by Luongo, I started thinking about a few NHLers I would like to say sorry about your penis to. Not because I’ve seen their penises but because they’re dicks. HAHA.

– David Backes, you kept slashing Keith Ballard in the gut and trying to punch him in the face the other night so: sorry about your penis. But off the ice you rescue abandoned and abused dogs so…congratulations on your penis as well, I guess.

– Duncan Keith, I will always say sorry about your penis. You would make the sorry about your penis all star team. Wait what?

– Brad Marchand, punching a Sedin in the face repeatedly and low bridge-ing Sami Salo makes you win the game of sorry about your penis.

– Too bad pucks don’t have penises because I would say sorry about your penis to the puck that hurt Chris Tanev’s ankle.


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