Why You Shouldn’t Trust the San Jose Sharks

*Probably not true facts. Legal protection etc.

Adam Burish once bought a Chipotle burrito and dropped it on the street and then picked it up and ate it.

Logan Couture likes to bang on the glass when he watches other sporting events that require glass to be placed around the contestants.

Patrick Marleau’s eyebrows are full of secrets. One of them is how his hometown ceased to exist once he left it.

Bracken Kearns is secretly a spy for the BC liberal party. He’s from North Vancouver. I mean, come on.

Have you seen your children recently? Raffi Torres probably ate them. Or convinced them to get crazy eyes just like his at the very least.

Joe Thorton is having a torrid affair with Fin. He’s actually SJ Sharkie.

Tommy Wingels’ real name is Tommy Wangels. GASP.

Matt Tennyson actually hates to strive, seek, and find. And he likes to yield.

Scott Gomez has a poster of Sarah Palin above his bed.

Marc Edouard Vlasic has a tattoo of a cucumber.

Antti Niemi has a fear of vowels.

Brent Burns wasn’t actually injured this season. He was on an odyssey to see every 1Direction concert. That’s why his beard got so out of control.

Dan Boyle’s favourite Game of Thrones character is Walder Frey**

**Do not look up Walder Frey if you are a Game of Thrones show watcher only. Spoilers.


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