Hockey Fights Domestic Violence

Inspired by my lovely friends @wraparoundcurl and @nonmodernist, I’m taking part in the fundraising project Hockey Fights Domestic Violence.

If you wanted more information about how it started, you can read @nonmodernist’s post about it here.

Domestic violence has been a hot issue in the NFL and NHL recently, with players being arrested for incidents in both leagues. But domestic violence is also a terrible reality for so many people around the world, not just connected to sports.

So, to do a little bit to help, I will be donating money this season to Battered Women’s Support Services(BWSS) in Vancouver. They have numerous services and programs that help and empower women and children who have lived through domestic violence.

– For every goal or assist Henrik Sedin scores this season, I will donate $1.00

– In addition, for every Eddie Lack shutout or Dan Hamhuis hipcheck I will donate $3.00

If you want to join in with your own player and charity please do! You can always comment here, email, or tweet me if you need help or have any questions or just need a virtual high five.

People are using the #hockeyfightsdv on twitter and there is a tumblr Hockey Fights Domestic Violence for cheerleading and camaraderie and all that good stuff.

Thanks for reading about something that’s important to me! Go Canucks Go.


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