A Hockey Poem

Canada won

The hockey game

Everyone (in Canada) was very happy

Even the moose

Even the beavers

Rob Ford did a weird dance

Stephen Harper did one robotic fist pump

Would Stephen Harper write a new hockey book?

No one knows

Now it would be maple syrup versus meatballs

Maple leaves versus IKEA

For the prettiest medal at the dance

Would ABBA ring out from iPods in victory?

Or would it be Nickleback warbling away?

We wait for 4 am Sunday(7 am eastern) in anticipation

Do we stay up all night?

Or do we sleep and rise before the birds?

No one knows what the result will be

Except for the hockey gods and lady luck

And maybe those tricksy stats guys

We stand on guard for thee hockey

We stand on guard for thee


4 More years! 4 More years!

I’m overwhelmed with happiness and boisterous glee that the Sedins re-signed for 4 more years. They are just the best people around and I can’t wait to watch them score beautiful goals for the foreseeable future and (fingers crossed and sacrifices to the hockey gods!) hopefully get that Stanley Cup.

I’m a day late but you know. We can drag out the glee and euphoria, right?

Pavel Bure was before my time as a fan so I don’t think I can add anything worthwhile to that commentary. But I hope all the Canucks fans that loved him have a wonderful time tonight!

I made a blingee to commemorate the Sedins signing:


Then! I read this totally swoon-worthy post where John Tortorella basically said if you think the Sedins are soft players you’re wrong and you should feel bad. And it was AWESOME! So I had to make a blingee for Torts too.


Markus Naslund is in town! The Canucks play the Leafs. It’s going to be a good night.

The Humming Giraffe is 5 Years Old

My blog is in kindergarten, yo. I know I’ve been a sporadic blogger the last year and a half, but I do plan to change that this year if the season ever gets off the ground. I was pretty convinced when I started I would write about a week’s worth of posts. Five years is rather wonderfully surprising.

Hockey blogging is one of the best things I’ve done. It’s given me a love for sports that I never had growing up. Thanks to blogging, I have an obsessive passion for writing I never expected. My nicest dreams involve being a comfortably paid published writer. And through this little website I have met some of the greatest people in my life.

Thank you to anyone who has left a comment here over the years, mentioned in passing that you loved reading my blog, re-tweeted a post on twitter, or told me I made you laugh. All these moments have meant a lot and have bucked me up if I’m not at my sparkling best. Y’all are the best. Here’s to five more years!




My dearest Canucks,

We’ve been through many years of highs and lows together. This year has mostly been highs and I’ve been bragging to my friends and family about you. I talk at length about how you keep winning games and how happy it makes me. How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love opening up my lappytop and pulling up NHL.com and seeing your name at the top of the league.

I love your sparkling +57 goal differential.

I love that you penalty kill like wonderful defensive machines.

I love that Danny is so competitive it looks like he’s trying to go for HIS Art Ross this season.

I love Ryan Kesler’s wrist shot and his 32 goals.

I love Hanky Panky’s witty one liners and that his jersey got my family through customs when we were over our alcohol limit (Shhhh)

I love Hansen interviews with his Minnie Mouse like speaking voice and Samuelsson interviews as well because he sounds like a muppet.

I love that Bieksa’s gone from trade bait to +25.

I love that Roberto Luongo writes poetry and he hasn’t lost in regulation since the first week in December.

I love that Sami Salo is back from yet another catastrophic injury cheerful and calm as always.

I love the bebeh rookies and the old timers.

I love your hip checks, your faceoff wins, your shot blocking, your saves, and your cross ice passes.  I love your top shelf goals and your first passes out of the zone. I love your goal mouth scrambles and your fist bumps on the bench when a guy scores.

I’m yours for the long haul whether you smash my heart like a body check or melt it like your highly efficient power play.  Be mine and win me a big shiny Cup. I would celebrate in style. I could get a gold medal in celebrating.

xoxo Alix


Dearest Hockey,

I’m so happy I decided to get to know you better two and half years ago.  There is nothing I don’t adore about you.  I love the hits, the goals, the saves.  The last minute tying goals and the penalty box and overtime.  Power play goals.  Slap shots.  Goal celebrations.  NHL hockey.  Junior hockey.  It doesn’t matter if you’re high scoring or low scoring, either way I like it.  The sound of skates on the ice is like my favourite song.  All the little things you do like faceoffs, pokechecks, penalty kills, and takeaways are appreciated more than you can know.  I even enjoy when you get a little rough and start fights and scrums after the whistle.  My most favourite sport, you would be simply perfect if you got rid of the shootout.  No one entertains me more starting in April than you, hockey.  I hope someday soon I’ll be able to enjoy your Stanley Cup.  Here’s to many more years to come. 

Love, Humming Giraffe

My Dear Canucks,

Thank you for being my one and only.  I’ve never felt this way about another team.  I love the forwards, I love the defencemen.  I love the goalies.  I love the veterans and the rookies.  I love the Canadians, Americans, and Europeans.  I adore Ryan Kesler’s defensive play.  I love watching Bieksa get angry and throw off his gloves.  I love getting to see the rookies improve.  I love having Lui as a Captain.  I’m happy when Matty Ohlund scores.  I enjoy watching Mats Sundin knock defenders over one handed.  I adore how quirky Kyle Wellwood is.  I’m so happy it was our team Alex Burrows got his chance on.  I could listen to Big Bear getting interviewed constantly.  Sami Salo is a delight to watch when he’s healthy.  A Sedin passing play is a beautiful thing.  Hordi’s blogs for Canucks.com always make me smile.  I love that SOB will always stick up for his teammates.  Ryan Johnson’s shot blocking makes me wince, but also impresses me.  The way you guys celebrate wins makes me happy.  My heart beats faster when you step on the ice.  You guys never make it easy, and often raise my blood pressure, but it’s never boring.  We’ve had good times and bad, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Imagining what it will feel like if you guys raise the Stanley Cup is what keeps me around even during the worst losses.  Be mine always.  XOXOXO.

Humming Giraffe

The Hockey Equivalent of Roses and Chocolate

You know how I said in my last post the Canucks were like a terrible, terrible boyfriend?  Well, that was kind of mean.  Although well deserved really. Then just as I was composing my Dear John letter, they do the hockey version of the terrible boyfriend thing where they bring you flowers or do something adorable to convince you to give it one more shot.  I had the letter all typed up and everything.

Dear Canucks,

It’s not you, it’s me.  I just can’t do this anymore.  My therapist said I need to give my liver a rest for my long term health.  We’ve had some good times together ( 07 playoffs/my first live game where you crushed the Flames), but I need a team that can manage not to meltdown.  My friend is setting me up with Boston and my mum wants me to meet her friend’s son Detroit.  I think it’s a good idea.  They know what they want and they have playoff security.  I wish you all the best and I hope you get your post season life back on track. 

Hugs and Kisses always,

Humming Giraffe

Of course, just when I was about to drop the letter off in the dressing room, the Canucks hit me with these.


matsdaddy2It’s like Mats’ is a big Swedish daddy/Santa Clause! And Bieksa and Edler really want a hug from him! Awww!

mattyplane1 Hee. He’s in socks and shorts! And he’s smiling! And…that’s quite a nice bit of bicep.


So yeah, then I was all, “Oh! I forgot how adorable the Canucks are!“  “They could be really sweet most of the time!“ And I started going through my shoebox of old Canucks pictures I had under my bed and found these.


huggieheader23HOTT. Especially when Red Wings are sad.


Canucks Red Wings HockeyMan loooove.


Bebeh fingers and hockey players!

mattyblksuit2newI can`t say no to a black suit


I mean, other people don`t understand how nice the Canucks are to me when we`re alone.  They don`t lose all the time!  They were winning earlier in the season.  There`s still plenty of time for them to make it up to me and win in the second half of the season.  This time they really are going to change.  Detroit and Boston were…boring.  They just didn`t “get“ me the way the Canucks do.  The Canucks are my one and only.  Eventually, they are going to commit to me with a big silver Cup and it will all be worth it.